Accella Advisors



> Petra Wülfroth
Ph.D. in pharmacy

       7 years in pharmaceutical R&D at a mid-size German pharmaceutical company
3 years as project and portfolio manager in Japan for large international companies
20 years as independent biotechnology consultant (financing, interim management, project and product strategies)

> Rainer Henning
Ph.D. in chemistry

       12 years in cardiovascular R&D in a large international company (1 marketed product, >60 patents)
3 years Managing Director in Japan
3 years executive role in technology scouting
4 years investment manager in biotechnology venture capital funds
15 years CEO in different biotech companies


Over many years, the founders of Accella Advisors have established an international network of more than a thousand personal contacts in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry, the academic world and among professional advisers and investors. This network is essential and helps locating the right partner, skill or new employee – or just the right answer – in a fast and efficient way.

Through close cooperation with a selected group of consultants with complementary background, we can tailor our solutions in breadth and depth to our client’s needs.