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Biotech companies – whether start-up or established – often face situations where external support is needed.

Competition for investment money is very fierce. A new biotech company rarely gets more than one chance to present its business and it has to stand scrutiny for its science, market potential, management etc. So the plan has to be right from the start.

In the search for capital to execute their business plan, entrepreneurs often find themselves on unfamiliar ground. The identification, presentation, negotiation and successful completion of proper financing arrangements can be a time-consuming, frustrating and confusing experience.

A clear-cut business strategy with a comprehensive business plan is an absolute "must” for a successful investor approach.

We help getting the business concept in place, preparing the business plan, finding the investors and making the presentations to them. We may also assist in setting up the company and all the practical matters related hereto.

Altogether, we support and coach you throughout the preparation, the negotiation and the closing of your financing round.

We offer:     Business concept and business plan
Investor identification and introduction
Scientific and commercial evaluation of
company owned portfolios
in- and out-licensing opportunities
Science based analysis of market trends
Product development plans and regulatory strategies
Business development and M&A scouting
establishment of high level contacts
execution and implementation

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